CityFight Codex FAQ

Subterranean Movement
The troops listed in Codex Modifications as being able to use subterranean movement can use it in any mission that permits the use of reserves.

The missions refer to the use of the Infiltration rule from the Warhammer 40,000 rule book. This is an error, where missions specify infiltration then the rule from the Cityfight rulebook is used.

Sisters of Battle
Sisters rhinos and immolators can use siege armour. Immolators roll 1d6 when determining the number of models hit by the twin-linked heavy flamer but may re-roll any failed ‘to wound’ rolls once.

Deathworld veterans
Jungle Veterans get no special advantages in Cityfight. They cannot see 12″ through cover, infiltrate or ambush for example. There will be some rules for cityfight veteran units in WD.

Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Teams
Imperial Guard heavy weapons teams function as individual units for morale purposes. They do not include sergeants and do not therefore get –1 Leadership for lacking one in each team.

Imperial Guard snipers
Any Imperial Guard army can include up to 3 Snipers without deathworld toxins as a single Elite choice on the force organisation chart. They follow the rules for Deathworld Veteran Snipers as stated in Codex Catachan but have WS3 and cost 15 points.

Dozer Blades
If a tank with dozer blades enters a building it may re-roll both difficult terrain tests as long as it does not move faster than 6″.

Track Guards
Imperial Guard track guards prevent immobilisation due to difficult terrain on a 4+ as well as combat damage.

Skimmers can move over difficult terrain safely but if they end their move above difficult terrain they must either take a dangerous terrain test or fly high. If they take the test then they are assumed to be manoeuvring through the building like any other vehicle and may not claim to be above it or ‘on the top floor’ to claim height advantage.
If they fly high they are unable to fire themselves as they are too busy manoeuvring through the pall of smoke above the city. At this height theycan be seen well enough to be targeted by any enemy model on the table although any hits will be treated as being against a vehicle in cover so all penetrating hits will be treated as glancing hits.
Skimmers, which fly high above a building, cannot be contacted in close combat and cannot claim to be occupying the building.
Skimmers can of course end their move at street level where they will benefit from being hull down to incoming shots that pass through cover.

Frag Grenades
The rules for Frag grenades and the effect of troops being assaulted while in cover are unchanged from the main rulebook.

Tyranid bounding leap
The leaping special ability does not confer any advantage in the Cityfight combat system beyond the ability to assault 12″ because everyone within 6″ of an enemy model gets to fight with their full number of attacks.

There are no special rules for Tau in Cityfight, their skimmers follow the skimmer rules and their flamers function as, well, flamers. If anything specific needs addressing send it in and I will tackle it.

Template Weapons
Template weapons still ignore cover saves. For those who haven’t spotted it in the rules flamer range is 8″ and this applies to all other template attacks (except bio acid spore mines for which se below).

Characters in hand to hand
When fighting against a unit with multiple WS, calculate to hit rolls based on the lowest WS. This is because in the swirling melee no fighter is any better than the man covering his back.

Cavalry move like infantry but still charge 12″. They may not enter buildings though.

Remember that any shot following a line of sight that passes through cover gives a 5+ cover save unless the target is in better cover. This means troops in the street that are shot at through a normal building receive a 5+ cover save. If they were in a building themselves they would normally receive a 4+ save.

If any members of a squad are visible to a firing unit then they may fire at it. The target unit’s player chooses the casualties. These may be selected from models that the firers cannot initially see representing models moving up to replace the casualties.

Spore mines
Spore mines detonate in one of three ways: –
(1) when they hit a model – the unit that model belongs to takes d6 hits.
(2) if a unit shoots within 2″ of the spore mine – the unit that shoots takes d6 hits.
(3) if triggered by a synapse – the nearest enemy unit within 3″ takes d6 hits.
Remember if bio-acid is being used there will be no cover save as it is a template weapon.

We avoided tackling Necrons in Cityfight because Codex:Necron was just around the corner. I don’t think there will be any Necron issues for Cityfight with the new Codex.

Why do we measure to the base of a building rather than the top?
This is because the ranges in Warhammer 40K are calculated to leave some room for manoeuvre on a 6’ by 4’ table. This means they fall badly short when tall buildings come into play. After all a pistol can easily hit the top of a 5 storey building even if the model is more than 12″ tall. As tall buildings add enormously to the aesthetics of Cityfight I didn’t want them to cause a problem with ranges hence the rule.

There have been some queries about using flyers in Cityfight, the rules for them are on page 9. If there is anything more specific send it in.

Walkers in Cover
Any Walker with an armour rating that is in cover counts as being hull-down and can only suffer glancing hits. Walkers with toughness get a cover saving throw.

Sentry Guns for non-Imperials
The depiction of sentry guns is really up to the players. The ones included in the rules really are generic covering an anti-tank gun and an anti-personnel gun. Virtually all races have something near enough to these that they can use the same stats.

Mission 5 (Coup de Main)
Hidden set up markers are placed before the dice roll to see who chooses the objective building. They are revealed after the objective building is decided and before the attacker moves on.