Warhammer Fantasy – Bretonnia – Duke Harry’s Army – at the Wolfe Den

The Family and Army of Duke Harry le Roy

Duke Harry le Roy

Duke Harry le Roy is the current head of the le Roy family.

He completed his Quest for the Grail some time before accepting his current position. His large family hold title to all of the castles in the area, and are often seen fighting together against the evils of the land.

Katharine – Wife of Duke Harry

Katharine is Duke Harry’s wife. She is a Grail Maiden, and well versed in the Lady’s magic. She has a soft sopt in her heart for the common soldiers on the field of battle, and is often seen fighting alongside them, using her magic to bolster and protect them.

Gloucester – Younger Brother of Duke Harry

Gloucester, Duke Harry’s younger brother, has also completed his Quest for the Grail, and leads the unit of Grail Knights serving as Duke Harry’s personal bodyguard in battle.

Bedford – Younger Brother of Duke Harry

Bedford, Duke Harry’s other younger brother, and a Grail Knight in his own right, carries Duke Harry’s banner into battle.

Exeter – Uncle of Duke Harry

Duke Harry’s uncle Exeter was granted a vision by the Lady, and upon following it was given the Pegasus Swiftwing as a mount. He is a Paladin in the service of his nephew.

York – Cousin of Duke Harry

York is Duke Harry’s cousin, and a Knight of the Realm. He leads the other Knights who answer the Duke’s call when battle is imminent.

Knights of the Realm

Thomas Epingham – Ward of Duke Harry

Thomas Epingham is a young Knight Errant taken in as a ward by the Duke. He leads the Knights Errant who answer the Duke’s summons, all looking to earn their full Knighthood.

The Black Knight

The Black Knight is a mysterious figure who sometimes shows up in battles in and around the Duke’s lands. His heraldry is a simple black with white trim, and the only icons he displays is the Lady’s fleur-de-lys, the symbol of devotion to the Lady and the Questing Knight’s pledge. No one knows this Knight’s identity, though there are several rumors. One simple one says he is a Knight on the Quest, albeit a mysterious one, and nothing more. More exotic rumors say he is a Knight on a Quest, not just for the Grail, but for redemption for some foul deed. Even more fantastical ones say he is actually different men, that the Black Knight passes on his livery to a squire as he completes his Quest, whatever it may be, with the pledge that the squire never reveal his identity as anything other than the Black Knight. Whatever his origin, he sometimes arrives at a battle leading a group of Questing Knights, but more often he fights alone.

Williams – Duke Henry’s Huntsmaster

Williams, along with his friends friends Nym and Bardolph, trains and commands the Duke’s huntsmen. These are the men who supply the Duke’s table with venison and boar. In battle, they are often seen along the flanks, harrying the Duke’s enemies with their bows.

MacMorris – Officer in Duke Harry’s Army

MacMorris leads the Duke’s Halberdiers.

Fluellen – Officer in Duke Harry’s Army

Fluellen leads the Duke’s Spearmen.

Gower – Officer in Duke Harry’s Army

Gower leads one of the Duke’s Archer units.

Jamy – Officer in Duke Harry’s Army

Jamy leads one of the Duke’s Archer units.