Play Free Online War Games

Our ranking of the best online war games will help you awaken the dormant warrior inside you. This category is vast and includes many aspects related to war games. Are you a gunsmith, wielding the mouse like a person, with precision and skill and not giving your opponents a chance? Do you prefer to develop sophisticated strategies and lead your troops with a masterful hand to a certain victory? In any case, our top of the best online war games will help you make your choice!

  1. Throne: Kingdom at War
  2. World of Tanks
  3. Vikings: War of Clans
  4. World of Warships
  5. Apex Legends
  6. Travian
  7. OGame
  8. War Thunder
  9. Warframe
  10. Warface

The revival of war games

The world of war games has changed enormously in recent years. It was previously limited to military strategy games with, for example, the cultish me Command & Conquer. The other well-represented discipline of combat games is unquestionably the first Person Shooter (FPS), in which you play a prominent soldier in the first person. Precision is the key to the success of this kind of game, and the public loves it, evidenced by the prevalent franchise Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

In recent years, another type of online war game has been a considerable success: combat device simulations. On a tank, an airplane or even a boat, you fight other vehicles on vast battlefields. Of course, you have to take into account the physics of your truck, which is far less mobile than a human being. An explosive mixture of driving and shooting that has found a large community of enthusiasts!

The games of war: a genre or theme?

In the evening, war games cannot be considered as a genre in its own right, but rather as a theme. Call of Duty, Grepolis, Age of Empires is all war games, and yet they are hardly comparable. Shooting game, an action game, simulation game, fighting game, management game, tower defense, MMORPG all genres lend themselves to the theme of war. This is why all the Free Online Games in our ranking come from different types.

Our selection of war games

Are you eager to fight? Looking for the best free multiplayer online game? Perfect, our top of the best war games online offers war games of all types: shooting, military strategy, player-to-player confrontation, vehicles.

Find the game that matches your expectations and heads straight for a warrior universe that won’t give you a gift. Fight against the computer or other players to prove your bravery. To win, you will need to be precise, careful, and apply an effective strategy.

Whether you prefer managing the construction of a base and your troops or taking part directly in the confrontation in a dynamic War game, you will find the set that matches your expectations in our ranking. Don’t wait any longer to become a gladiator, a sniper, a commando, a ninja, or pilot your tank on the battlefield! So, what are you waiting for? On the offensive, discover our top war games!