Our Mission

Inspired by the appearance of the first Navigator games of the 2000s, our website is a human-scale game suitable for all the incredible from the age of 10. It is compatible with all computers (PC, Mac, Linux), smartphones (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone), and tablets. Very light, it does not consume a lot of data in your data package and can be played anywhere without downloading the application: everything happens in your Internet Browser.

This is a website specializing in video games and audience leader in Spain. A team of journalists and professionals who above all, love to enjoy the games. An independent medium where your opinion is critical and also really counts. A video game magazine wide open to new ideas and all kinds of players. A community that is built as a team and revolves around the video game, the video game culture.


Readers with concerns looking for editorial, multimedia, or current-day Content on video games that combine the rigor of professional journalism with the philosophy and possibilities of the internet.

Multiplayer Options

This website was founded with the capacity to welcome any player who has something interesting to discover to others. We are part of a massive online project where the essential things are players and their virtual worlds (video games).

Online role-playing games, the most complete list of online multiplayer role-playing games in Spanish, free and paid for; by browser and download; competitive, cooperative and massive (MMORPG); for PC, Mobile (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), Linux, Mac, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One; and ordered from the most recent releases to the oldest.

Is there a perfect role-playing system?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, our mission is to explain its meaning.

Each player has their fillies and phobias, the systems they love and hate, but answering the initial question seems almost like looking for The Alchemists ‘ philosopher’s stone. There is no definitive system, and, at the same time, everyone seems to contain some of the essences of the “perfect system.”

If we mark the beginning of the table role-playing games in the edition of TSR’s first D&D, we see that we have already spent more than forty years of a hobby that mixes with others (video games, board), tries to move forward and incorporate novelties. And that, for all this, has had time to investigate, innovate, screw up and continue to make sanity shots in search of the definitive system.