Necromunda Online Campaign Rules at the Wolfe Den

Online Campaign Rules

These are the rules for the Necromunda Online Campaign. They are in place simply to make it easier for me to keep everything organized and up-to-date. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please EMail me.

  1. Gangs.

    A. Gangs are created as per the Necromunda Rules for starting Gangs. Additional Gang types as released in other publications will be allowed upon review. The best place to get a standardized set of Gang stats not found in the Necromunda Rules book is the Army Builder files on the ab-files EGroup. A link to these files is on the main Necromunda page.

    B. Up-to-date Gang rosters will be available on the website at all times.

    C. Each Gang will have one of the following statuses: Available (self-explanatory), Engaged (currently involved in a game), Resting (player has requested time-off for vacation, etc.), or Inactive (player has not responded to challenges, etc for some time).

  2. Campaign Turns.

    There are none. The campaign is open and challenges are issued and accepted.

  3. The Challenge.

    A. When one player challenges another (this can be done in any manner, in person, phone, EMail, etc.), the challenger should open a new topic on the message board with the subject "Challenging Gang Name vs. Challenged Gang Name" and the first post should be the challenge, written in any manner the player desires.

    B. The next post in the topic should be the challenged player’s response, either acceptance or rejection.

    C. No two Gangs are allowed to fight twice in a row, unless it is a rescue!

  4. The Battle.

    The battle will be conducted by the players in any manner they see fit, face-to-face or by EMail. All organizing, coordinating, and details of the battle are left to the players.

  5. The Aftermath.

    A. Once the battle is over, both players should return to the same challenge topic opened earlier and post their views of the battle. This could simply be "I kicked his butt." to a full battle report. It is up to the player, but remember, the more descriptive you are, the more enjoyment other will get from reading about your battle. At this point, the topic will be closed, but will still be available for everyone to read.

    B. All of the after-battle details, such as income, purchasing, etc. will be handled between the coordinator and the player. The player sends an EMail to the coordinator detailing what he wants to do, and the coordinator will resolve all of it (using Irony’s dice-roller if necessary) and return an EMail to the player with the results. The Gang’s online roster will be updated at this time.


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