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Special Rules for Imperial Guard Regiments by Owen Edwards

“Ooh, Cadians, ah, Catachans, ooh…”

Every regiment is recruited from a single planet, such as all Catachan regiments are recruited from Catachan. So often a regiment has special skills that others may not. Other regiments are trained so they have special skills, such as Cadians.

The Regiments: Catachan, Cadian, Mordian, Tallarn, Praetorian, Valhallan, Magdallen, Rigellian, Attilan.

A platoon must be formed from a single type of regiment. A Command HQ must also be from a single regiment. Tanks and artillery pieces, along with Hellhounds and Sentinels need not be assigned a regiment, as many of the skills are not applicable to vehicles. Whichever regiment the Command HQ is from must be represented by at least two platoons. Praetorians can only have one platoon, unless the Command HQ is also Praetorian, in which case there are two Praetorian platoons, no more Praetorian platoons can be chosen. No tanks may be chosen as Praetorian. No tanks may be Attilan either. Commisars leading squads do not have that platoons special skill.

All Platoons in the army must be assigned a Regiment. If you are using these rules then a platoon may include the following in addition to the norm:Armoured Fist Squad, Fire Support Squad, Mortar Squad, Anti-Tank Squad, Rough Rider Squads. A Platoon may either have 1-5 Infantry Squads, 1-5 Armoured Fist Squads or 1-5 Rough Rider Squads. If the platoon has Armoured Fist Squads, then the other squads must have Chimeras at a cost of plus 95 points. If the platoon has Rough Rider Squads, then only the Command Section and Rough Rider Squads are allowed to be chosen. The Command Section must be mounted on horses. These are free. The same applies to the Command HQ if it is Attilan, as all Rough Rider Squads are Attilan.

Special Skills:
Special Skills do not add to the cost of the Platoon.

Mordian Iron Guard:
Mordian Guardsmen’s unswerving loyalty to the Emperor is so strong that they will hardly ever flee.
To represent this they may retake failed leadership tests. However, the second result stands.

Catachan Jungle Fighters:
Catachan Guardsmen are brought up on death worlds, so they can pass through forests and jungle as if it were open ground. They know how to recognise a life threatening situation while in a jungle.
To represent this Catachans pass through woods and jungle terrain as if it were open ground and ignore any harmful effects in a piece of jungle terrain.

Cadian Shock Troops:
Cadians are trained to clear out urban areas with flamers and grenade launchers.
To represent this Cadians are allowed up to three special weapons(Flamer, Plasma Gun, Meltagun and Grenade Launcher)rather than the usual one.

Tallarn Desert Raiders and Valhallan Ice Warriors:
Both these regiments are brought up in harsh conditions.
To represent this they ignore movement restrictions while on their type of planet.(Valhallan ice, Tallarn desert.) In addition, they ignore harmful effects for their type of planet.

Praetorian Regiments:
These regiments are well trained in close combat and are exceptionally brave.
To represent this their leadership is 8 and are WS4. Now you can see why I put a restriction on Praetorian platoons. They are just the best platoon ever.

Magdallen troops are trained so they hate all enemies of the Emperor. In addition to this, some platoons are known to include specialist close combat squads.
To represent this Magdallen troops have +1 attack in addition to attacks added for additional close combat weapons and charging. Also, any squads in a Magdallen platoon may exchange their lasguns for laspistols and power swords for +15 points.

Rigellian colonels often employ masses of artillery.
To represent this up to one Rigellian platoon may be made up entirely(other than the command section)of Fire Support Squads. Also, any Rigellian Platoon(including a Fire Support Platoon)may have up to one Griffon, Basilisk or Demolisher. This is included as part of the Troop Choice the platoon takes up.

Rough Rider Regiments from Attila are among the best regiments in the Guard.
Attilan Rough Riders may move double if they don’t fire.

Suggestions for Magdallen and Rigellian Regiments:Use Cadians for Magdallens and Mordians for Rigellians.


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