Codex: Catachan Q&A;

Codex: Catachan Q&A

by Andy Chambers


Q: In the Catachan codex Rough Terrain Modifications allow their Sentinels to re-roll their movement dice for rough terrain. Would this also be true for regular Sentinels too?

A: Yes it would.

Q: Jump pack troops and Bikes die on a roll of 1 on a d6 if they move into difficult terrain. Does this still trigger a booby trap?

A: Yes it does.

Q: If you use Deathworld Veteran Snipers in a normal Imperial Guard army, if the mission allows infiltrators to use a free movement before the game starts, can the Snipers use that movement?

A: No.

Q: Also if the Snipers are held in Reserve can they just be placed on the table edge and never moved, or can they not be brought on at all?

A: Snipers held in reserve may not be used.

Q: Does the special ability of Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken " Catachan Devil Force" entitle his force to more than the 0-1 Catachan Devils Squads, or does he still only get the one but can take it as a troops selection.

A: He can have any number of Catachan Devils squads.

Q: Do the Heavy Flamer weapons teams have one heavy flamer and one normal guy or can you get 2 heavy flamers. The confusion stems from the Catachan vs Dark Eldar battle report where a Veteran Assault team had 2 heavy flamers in the unit. The codex seems to be clear that you get the weapon just like any other "team" weapon ( with a gunner and a loader) but the Heavy flamer models has no loader and is packaged 2 heavy flamers to a blister.

A: The WD team wrote up the army list wrong (the squad only had one heavy flamer). The Codex is correct, just ignore the WD list.