Clayton Edwards Background

Clayton Edwards (not his real name) is an ex-military intelligence specialist. Kind of the McGuyver type. Didn’t have much use for guns when in the field. Until he met up with this hired assassin type guy. Now he never leaves home without his ‘Paper MP5’ and other assorted weapons.

Hobbies include watching 1950’s era Sci Fi movies, tinkering with anything he can get his hands on, mooching off of vampires, and stealing autoparts from cars in a nearby garage to work on his ‘Flying DeLorean’. His favorite food is of course ‘Jello’.

Editor’s notes:
– The hired assassin-type guy is another Mage character in the game.
– The ‘Paper MP5’ is a real MP5 this Mage managed to turn into paper. He carries it around as an emergency backup.
– This Mage currently lives in the Florida plantation house owned by Lazarus, my Vampire character in this game. Therefore, he is “mooching” off of Lazarus, and taking auto parts from Lazarus’s various vehicles for his little project. (Lazarus can be found on the Vampire: The Masquerade page)
– This Mage’s favorite technique for getting through locked doors is to tun the lock mechanism into Jello.