Black Templars – Brother Sergeant Acacius at the Wolfe Den

Brother Sergeant Acacius

Sergeant-at-arms and Emperor’s Champion

of the "Iron Cross" Crusade

Brother Sergeant Acacius is the Sergeant-at-arms of the "Iron Cross" Crusade. He watches over the discipline of the Templars, and in battle, fights as the crusade’s Emperor’s Champion.

Acacius wears Artificer Armor into battle, and is further protected by an Iron Halo. He is armed with a Master Crafted Bolt Pistol and the Black Sword.

His valiant history includes the following great encounters:

     In one battle, Acacius challenged and destroyed a Chaos Sorcerer and two Aspiring Champions of the hated Iron Warriors.

     In another, he cut down one of the alien Eldar’s Howling Banshee Exarchs.

     He challenged and killed an Aspiring Champion of Chaos, and destroyed a heretic Rhino transport.

    Against the mysterious Necrons, he challenged and destroyed the Lord leading the machine army. Upon its rising, he destroyed it again.