Best War Movies

These are Netflix’s best war movies, a sample of all kinds of productions that we can find on the streaming video platform. There’s everything from massive productions with millions spent on special effects alone to more secret tapes.

One of the Best Things Netflix has is that there is content for all types of users. Like the genre you like, both in series and in movies, you will surely find several productions to your liking. And on Netflix, there are perfect war movies.

Now, what specific genre are we going to put on this list of Netflix’s best war films? In ” war ” it comes from everything, but we are going to be somewhat purist, and we are going to focus on military productions of “large scale,” or what is the same, war films in their most accepted meaning, a military of the last century.

Next, we tell you the best war movies you can see on Netflix, from “author” works to real super productions that went down in history.

  1. Beasts of no nation

We start with one of the films that started the controversy between cinema and Netflix (the cinemas, we mean). Netflix made a strong bet on the distribution rights of the film starring Abraham Attah and Idris Elba (which is fantastic) to release it simultaneously in theaters and on the online platform.

Attah is Agu, a young man who loses his family in a civil war on the African continent, one of many, and since then is forced to be part of one of the Rebel defense lines.

Beasts of no Nation tells us about the child soldier and does so unabashedly. Cary Fukunaga, director of True Detective, nameless and the next Bond film, is “released” on this hard tape.

  1. The thin red line

And if we talk about war tapes, we can’t forget the thin red line. There are war movies that have disappeared these last few months of Netflix, like Black Hawk Down, but fortunately, we have one of the best in history.

The thin red line is one of Netflix’s best war films and moves us to 1942, World War II. However, it is not one of those that leads us to the European conflict, but the island of Guadalcanal, in the Pacific.

  1. Save the soldier Ryan

And if we were talking about the thin red line, it was clear that we had to pay attention to Saving Private Ryan as one of Netflix’s best war movies.

It is one of the best war tapes in history thanks to both to account and the impressive ending. Tom Hanks is excelled in the role of Captain Miller, the special effects are impressive, and the sound is the best you will enjoy on television, both for its solemn soundtrack and for the impact of the weapons.

It is one of the best war movies in history and Netflix, and perhaps we should have left it for the end because, although the ones that follow are delicious, it is impossible to shadow the Spielberg film, except for himself.

  1. The siege of Jadotville

The siege of Jadotville is another of Netflix’s original war films that tells us the real story. It is one of the films that trigger adrenaline, as there is very, very intense action, as well as suspense for much of the tape (if you don’t know the real facts, of course). It’s another film that tells us about the conflict in Africa.

In this case, we are going to the Congo of 1961, where the UN sent a group of Irish soldiers, only 150 troops, to try to stop what could land in a World War. However, they are soon besieged by 3,000 Congolese soldiers under the command of French mercenaries.

It is much more modest than the productions we left above, but it still has spectacular moments and Richie Smyth, who was, until then, director of music videos, shows his good behind-the-scenes performance.

  1. 1898: The Last of the Philippines

And from an Irish production, we’re going to a Spanish one, one of the top box office girls in recent years. However, it is a film as well produced as controversial, since any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.

He tells us the story of a Spanish garrison in the village of Baler besieged for almost a year by the Filipino revolutionaries. He recounts the facts of this detachment during the signing of the treaty between Spain and the United States by which Spain ceded the sovereignty of the Philippines to the United States.

It is a film that is very well recorded and has an impeccable picture and script. The problem is that, historically, it is nothing real to reality, so much so that it aroused fierce criticism from historians.

  1. Resistance

Daniel Craig is the protagonist of this Edward Zwick film that leads us to another World War II story, though somewhat more “on a small scale.” Don’t expect anything to save Private Ryan. This is more like, say, Mel Gibson’s Patriot.

In Belarus, in 1941, three brothers fought both for their lives and for the lives of thousands of Jews whom they welcomed and protected. It is very “film-making” and popcorn-making, but the truth is that it is enjoyed quite a lot and the two hours and little that lasts is spent in a moment.

  1. Schindler’s list

And, of course, we end the list of Netflix’s best war movies with a masterpiece in every way. Steven Spielberg filmed in 1993 the best, for many, World War II film.

This is not hard because of its violent images, but because of the context. It tells us how the Nazis entered Krakow to put an end to the “Jewish kingdom” that had been in Poland for six centuries.

He tells us about the concentration camps in Plaistow and Auschwitz, about how prisoners were taken from one place to another, about the conditions in which they survived, and about how the Nazi upper echelons celebrated every movement of their army.