Best RPG War Online Games

What are the best games set in the first and Second World War? In this report, we review those titles that have recreated the most critical conflicts in history like nobody else, and that’s what makes them the best RPG War Online Games.

Since Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare were introduced, there has been a debate about whether games set in futuristic wars or past wars are better. That is why we wanted to review the most outstanding titles of each of these settings, and in this report, we have compiled what we believe to be the best games of the first and Second World War. Thus, you will quickly find a good number of adventures of various genres with which to entertain the wait until the launch of the new shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts.

Note: what you will find below is a list in alphabetical order, not a ranking, of which we believe are some of the best games set in the first and Second World War, understanding as well as those that have managed to recreate their events in a more reliable and fun way. Of course, there are many more remarkable titles, and we are open to suggestions for updating the report in the future. Let’s go down to the trenches!

  1. Battlefield 1942

In 2002, it said Battlefield development 1942, A title of action that put us on the battlefield of the essential confrontations of the Second World War and inaugurated the Electronic Arts saga. A claim that allowed us both to control foot soldiers and to pilot vehicles of all factions involved in the conflict and from which Battlefield 1 will drink directly.

  1. Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway

The third installment of the Brothers in Arms series came in 2008 to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 to move us to the final moments of World War II. Your history, your great technical section, and its advanced artificial intelligence for the time you have done that consider this Hell’s Highway as one of the best games of the Second World War of the history.

  1. Call of Duty 2

Okay, the saga of Activision has excellent games set in the Second World War, but none like Call of Duty 2. And it’s just because of the Normandy landing that Infinity Ward recreated in 2005, This title deserves to be remembered forever.

  1. Men of War

In 2009 Men of War came hand in hand with 505 Games. A real-time strategy title that invited us to take control of the troops involved in the Second World War through various campaigns that helped to understand the role of each faction better.

  1. Silent Hunter III

In World War II the submarines took on a fundamental role in the Battle of the Atlantic and Ubisoft perfectly reflected it with Silent Hunter III back in 2005. A title of action that put us at the helm of several of the most potent submarines of the time.

  1. Sniper Elite

During the long clashes of the Second World War, one of the critical units were the snipers. The Rebellion Software team is aware of this and has been able to reflect it correctly with the Sniper Elite trilogy, born in 2005. A full sniper simulator that forces us to be patient and calculate the target trajectory well taking into account factors like distance and wind.

  1. Toy Soldiers

In 2010, Microsoft and Signal Studios surprised us with the first delivery of the SGA Toy Soldiers for Pc and Xbox 360. That Tower Defense strategy title put us under the orders of the armies that participated in World War I but with a very particular focus since what we controlled were dolls and miniatures of vehicles instead of Real units. An original idea to the fun stuff.