Bellum AEternus

Bellum AEternus is the location of an online Warhammer 40k campaign with 6 players (myself included).

The campaign is a map-based campaign using a Warhammer 40k Campaign Software, which can be found here.

We will also be using the CyberBoard Software (found at to fight the battles by email, as the players in this campaign are from all over the world.

Here, you will be able to see the background and current status of the campaign and the forces fighting in it.

The Beginning…

Near the edge of known Imperium space, there is a small system with a single habitable planet. This system with its single planet, small as it is, was once a very important system in the Imperium. It will be again.

Now, it has become almost forgotten, though it will once again be remembered. The old records list the system and planet’s name as “Bellum AEternus”, or “Eternal War”. The Imperium is about to remember the reason for this name.

The system lies close to a rip in the Warp which has been inactive for centuries. Until now…

Quickly, several factions raced to put forces on the planet.

The Imperium of Man, recognizing the serious situation, ordered the nearest Space Marine fleet to the system. Th ships of the Iron Cross Crusade of the Black Templars Chapter answered the call.

The Ecclesiarchy also sent troops to the area to protect their interests. Ships carrying the White Widows, Order of the Sacred Rose set course for Bellum AEternus.

On the other side of the rip, the forces of Chaos waited for their chance to slip through. Not waiting any longer, a fleet of Iron Warriors blasted through.

Taking advantage of the brief opening, the Emperor’s Children slipped through as well.

It was not just these millennium-old adversaries that took notice of the new activity. Seeing a chance to further their own goals, the Kabal of the Dark Serpent sent ships to take whatever advantage they could.

Seeing opportunities for themselves at Bellum AEternus, the Kabal of Sinister Alligence also dedicated forces to the upcoming conflict.

All of the forces arrived at various points in the system, within a very short time of each other. Strange spatial fluxes kept the fleets from engaging in combet, but the landings were unhindered. Each force has now established a presence on the main continent of Bellum AEternus, and the conquest of the planet and its mysteries begins…