BattleTech Scenario – Jaguar – at the Wolfe Den


Got a Jaguar by the Tail written byJeff Crisp

OVERVIEW: Towards the end of the SLDF’s offensive against the Smoke Jaguars, elite clan warriors were often given headhunter missions to destroy C3 units and command mechs. The following exercise represents one of many such engagements.

SLDF MISSION: The SLDF’s force is a recon unit assigned to hunt down a lone Blackhawk that has been sighted in the area. To win the scenario, the Blackhawk must be destroyed before it leaves the final game map edge.

SMOKE JAGUAR MISSION: The Smoke Jaguar has been ordered to destroy a C3 communication and observation post. The mech must cross all three maps and make it off of the short edge of the final map without being destroyed to achieve the objective. Enemy units are to be evaded or destroyed.

MAP COMPOSITION / UNIT PLACEMENT: Three non-water maps of the Smoke Jaguar player’s choice are to be set up lengthwise. (See below)


 The clan player is to start at the short edge of one of the end maps. The SLDF player is to position their lance on the opposite edge.

SLDF FORCE COMPOSITION: The SLDF lance is composed of the following mechs. All mechwarriors have a gunnery skill of 4, and a piloting skill of 5.

TR1 Wraith
ALM-7D Fireball
JR7-D Jenner
JR7-D Jenner

SMOKE JAGUAR FORCE COMPOSITION: The Smoke Jaguar force is composed of the following mech. The mechwarrior has a gunnery skill of 2, and a piloting skill of 3.

Blackhawk (Nova) prime

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